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Falling Forward

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017

Falling Forward

Michigan is notorious for its fickle weather, but in these waning days of autumn, Mama Nature seems especially capricious. She is unwilling to let go of fall, but yet at the same time she resolutely marches toward winter. At least half of the trees in my backyard woods still have their leaves – this, while it snowed all day yesterday. Should I grab a shovel or a rake? I am confused, too.

Like the weather, I also have my feet firmly planted in two seasons. As much as I am looking forward to the traditional festivities and music of Christmas, I still hang on to happy memories from the past few months. Viewing the solar eclipse from within the Path of Totality in late August in Illinois, a September concert with Johnny Mathis in Ohio, hiking the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania in October, and playing for Senator Corey Booker earlier this month – all fun times. Add to this my volunteer work with Voters Not Politicians, a grassroots, citizen-led initiative to reform redistricting (gerrymandering) in Michigan, and it has been an active and fulfilling few months. Sometimes you’re just so busy living life you don’t have time to write about it, or even think too much about what lays ahead.

But here we are, ready to give thanks for another orbit around the sun, and soon to enter that period where We Of The Northern Hemisphere rest and rejuvenate ourselves in preparation for spring. Fireplaces. Good books. Hibernation. Quiet time. I am ready.

Before you take your long winter’s nap, let’s spend a few weeks together, eating, drinking and being merry. I would love to see you at one of the concerts or events listed below, so please join me.

May you have loved ones, fond memories and new beginnings to be grateful for this Thursday. And may there be enough mashed potatoes for everyone to have two helpings.